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Couponing has become a popular practice among savvy shoppers who aim to save money while making their purchases. Two major players in the couponing world are CVS and Target. CVS, a well-known pharmacy and retail chain, offers its customers various coupons and discounts, while Target, a renowned department store, also provides its own set of deals. But what happens when you try to use a CVS coupon at Target?


Understanding Coupon Policies:

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s very ¬†important to understand the coupon policies of both CVS and Target. Each retailer has its own rules and regulations regarding coupon usage, and familiarizing yourself with them is crucial for successful couponing.


CVS Coupon Policy:

CVS has a generous coupon policy that allows customers to stack multiple coupons for greater savings. This means you can combine manufacturer coupons, CVS store coupons, and ExtraBucks rewards to maximize your discounts. CVS coupons generally cannot be used on items such as sale merchandise, prescriptions, lottery tickets, alcohol, and gift cards. Additionally, some CVS coupons are specific to in-store use only, while others can be used online.


Target Coupon Policy:

Target also has a coupon policy that allows customers to use multiple coupons on a single purchase. Target accepts manufacturer coupons, Target store coupons, and Cartwheel offers. However, it’s crucial to note that Target does not accept competitor coupons, including CVS coupons. Despite being a popular retailer, CVS falls under the category of competitor coupons that are not accepted at Target stores.


Can You Use CVS Coupons at Target?

Based on the coupon policies of both CVS and Target, it is clear that Target does not accept CVS coupons. While Target accepts various types of coupons, including their own store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Cartwheel offers, CVS coupons are not eligible for use at Target.


Tips for Successful Couponing at Target:

Even though you cannot use CVS coupons at Target, there are still ways to save money through couponing at Target. These are a few tips to help you make the most out of your couponing experience at Target:



Sign up for Target’s coupon programs:

Target offers various coupon programs, such as Target Circle and the Target RedCard. By signing up, you can receive exclusive coupons, personalized offers, and additional savings opportunities.


Combine manufacturer coupons and Target store coupons:

While Target doesn’t accept competitor coupons, you can still combine manufacturer coupons with Target store coupons for extra savings on eligible items.


Utilize the Target app:

Download the Target app to access digital coupons, weekly ads, and the Cartwheel feature, which offers additional discounts on a wide range of products.


Stack Target Circle offers:

Target Circle is a loyalty program that provides exclusive discounts and deals to its members. Take advantage of this program by browsing through the available offers and adding them to your account. You can stack these Target Circle offers with manufacturer coupons and store coupons for even greater savings.


Keep an eye on weekly ads and promotions:

Target regularly releases weekly ads that showcase discounted products and special promotions. Make it a habit to check these ads and plan your shopping accordingly. By combining sales prices with coupons, you can score significant savings.


Price match policy:

Target has a price match policy that allows you to match the prices of eligible items with select competitors. This policy can be a valuable tool for saving money. Be sure to review the specific guidelines and restrictions to make the most of this opportunity.


Utilize Target’s gift card promotions:

Target often runs gift card promotions where you receive a free or discounted gift card when you purchase certain products or spend a specific amount. Keep the eye out for these promotions as they can be an excellent way to save on future purchases.


Clearance and end-of-season sales:

Target regularly marks down items in its clearance sections. Check these areas to find great deals on a wide range of products. Additionally, keep an eye out for end-of-season sales, where Target offers significant discounts on seasonal items.


Sign up for Target’s email list and follow them on social media:

By subscribing to Target’s email list and following them on the social media platforms, you can stay updated on the latest deals, promotions, and exclusive coupons. Target often sends out personalized offers and coupons to their subscribers, allowing you to access additional savings.


Stack coupons with Target’s app:

The Target app offers digital coupons that you can use in-store or online. Browse through the available offers and add them to your account. When you check out, simply scan the barcode in the app to apply the discounts. Combine these digital coupons with other manufacturer coupons and store coupons for maximum savings.


Take advantage of Target’s gift card promotions:

Target frequently runs gift card promotions where you can earn a gift card when you purchase specific items or meet a certain spending threshold. These promotions can be an excellent way to stretch your savings further. Use coupons on the qualifying products to maximize your savings while earning gift cards to use on future purchases.


Follow couponing blogs and websites:

Stay updated on the latest Target deals and coupon matchups by following popular couponing blogs and websites. These resources provide valuable information about current promotions, available coupons, and the best ways to stack savings at Target.


Explore Target’s clearance sections:

Target has dedicated clearance sections throughout its stores, offering discounted prices on a variety of items. Take the time to browse these sections, as you can often find significant discounts on products ranging from clothing and electronics to household essentials and groceries. Combine clearance prices with coupons for even greater savings.


Consider Target’s price adjustment policy:

If you purchase an item at Target and then find a coupon or see that the price has dropped within a specific time frame, you may be eligible for a price adjustment. Target’s price adjustment policy allows you to bring your receipt and proof of the lower price to the customer service desk for a refund of the price difference. This policy can help you save money if you discover a coupon or a better deal shortly after your purchase.


Join Target’s loyalty programs:

In addition to Target Circle, consider signing up for the Target RedCard. The RedCard offers additional benefits such as 5% off every purchase, free shipping on orders, and exclusive deals and offers throughout the year. Combining the RedCard’s discounts with coupons can lead to substantial savings.


Utilize Target’s “Buy One, Get One” (BOGO) deals:

Target often offers BOGO deals on various products. These promotions allow you to get two items for the price of one or at a significant discount. Combine these deals with coupons to maximize your savings. You can use the manufacturer coupon on each item, even if one is free or discounted.


Check Target’s website for online promotions:

Target frequently runs online promotions, including flash sales, limited-time offers, and exclusive online coupons. Keep an eye on their website to take advantage of these online deals. You can apply digital coupons and use promo codes during the checkout process to save money on your online purchases.


Use rebate apps:

Supplement your couponing efforts by using rebate apps, such as Ibotta, Checkout 51, or Rakuten. These apps offer cashback or rebates on eligible purchases. After shopping at Target, scan your receipt and submit it through the app to earn additional savings.


Take advantage of Target’s price tags:

Pay attention to the price tags at Target, as they often contain valuable information. Look for clearance tags, which indicate discounted items, and check for signs displaying special promotions like “Buy X, Get a $X Target Gift Card.” These visual cues can help you identify opportunities for extra savings.


Combine Target’s baby registry completion discount with coupons:

If you’re expecting a baby, consider creating a baby registry at Target. Once you complete your registry, Target offers a completion discount on any remaining items. Combine this discount with coupons to save even more on baby essentials.


Watch for seasonal and holiday promotions:

Target frequently runs promotions during holidays and specific seasons. Keep the eye out for these special events, as they often come with exclusive coupons, sales, and discounts on related items. Stock up on seasonal products during these promotions to save money throughout the year.


Ask for rain checks:

If an advertised item is out of stock, don’t hesitate to ask for a rain check. Target issues rain checks for eligible items when they are unavailable during a promotional period. This allows you to purchase the item at the advertised price once it is back in stock, even if the promotion has ended.


Plan your shopping trips strategically:

Before heading to Target, plan your shopping list and organize your coupons accordingly. Take advantage of stacking opportunities, sales, and promotions to maximize your savings. Being prepared and organized will make your couponing trips more efficient and fruitful.



Couponing at Target is a rewarding pursuit that can lead to substantial savings on a wide range of products. By combining Target’s promotions, stacking coupons, utilizing rebate apps, and keeping an eye out for special deals, you can make the most of your couponing efforts and enjoy significant discounts.


Remember to stay informed about Target’s coupon policy, check for updates, and be aware of any restrictions or limitations that may apply. With dedication and smart shopping, you can become a pro at couponing at Target, transforming your shopping experience into a frugal and enjoyable one.


Happy couponing, and may your savings grow with each successful shopping trip at Target!

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